Parish Council

The current members of the Parish Council are:

Deacon Robbins
Tom Schatsiek
Ken Harkness
Max Cheatham
Deacon Racki
Michelle Palmer
Clairann Nicklin
Wanda Schoch
Father Stephen A. Willard


The positions each person now holds are as follows:

Sacramental Life: Deacon Charlie Robbins
Evangelization/ Catechesis: Deacon Steve Racki, Ray Ramirez
Stewardship/ Social Justice/Social: Michelle Palmer
Administration/ Planning/ Facility & Grounds: Max Cheatham, Tom Schatsiek, Ken Harkness
Officers: Chairperson:           Vice-chairperson:               Secretary: 

The Council meets the 4th Tuesday of these months; August, September, October, November, January, March, May and June.